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Take action for girls' education in Vietnam, NOW

Do a quick search on google with #allshewants, you will see around 2,350 results. Another search on Instagram, you have about 5,260 photos. What do you see among those news and photos? Do you think that all a girl wants is shoes, bags or a nice manicure? We don’t.

Girls have bigger dreams!

Girls wish for education, they wish to graduate from university, they wish to become a president, an astronaut, a doctor, etc. They wish to live their life and to help others. Let’s tell the world to know what girls REALLY want and raise funds for girls education in Vietnam.


Thank you so much for soming to the #allshewants event and supported us by buying our raffle tickets. Click the button bellow to see the full winners’ list. To claim your prize, please come to saigonchildren’s office at 59 Tran Quoc Thao, district 3, on weekdays from 9AM to 5PM, before 31/12/2019.


For every photo shared: 20,000VND will be donated to help VN females go to school! :zap:How to join:

:white_check_mark: Step 1: Post an inspiring photo of any female figures or someone you admire in your life (on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter)
:white_check_mark: Step 2: Use hashtag #allshewants #saigonchildren #capitalandvietnam
:white_check_mark: Step 3: Set privacy: Public

I am Huynh and all I want is to become a teacher.

Huynh Hoa grew up in a small commune of Long An Province.The total monthly income of the whole family was of US$170. Because of money she never could afford going to university, but, she refused to give up. Hoa went to Ho Chi Minh City, armed with a passion for change and self development. That was when saigonchildren met Hoa and started supporting her. She started studying at Nhan Dao Vocational Secondary School. Hoa was voted by the class to take the Local Skills exam where she won the First Prize. Next Hoa want to become a teacher. “I was new to the city, I was given the opportunity to continue studying, and that’s how I became who I am.

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I am Diem and all I want is to keep my parents happy.

Điểm received a scholarship from saigonchildren since she was 7 years old. Life fell apart when her brother passed away suddenly. At that time, she was preparing for University graduation exam, and was about to give up on everything. However, she realized she was not the only person losing her loving brother. Her parents also lost their son. She thought that she could not allow herself to disappoint her parents and those from saigonchildren who had been there to support her. Điểm graduated from University on time and now has a job that she enjoys."Looking back, it was a wonderful journey. I’m grateful to have saigonchildren as my second family. I have grown up so much as a person, professionally and personally.

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Since her son was 15 months old, Nhi recognized that Nghia was a bit different and soon he was diagnosed with autism. From that moment, everything became stressful. No school allowed Nghia to stay and no teacher knew a way to help him. However, Nhi never gave up. She travelled to HCMC to look for a proper care. Nhi found help and her son started to go to school but Nhi could not afford the living expenses in the big city. They went back home. Luckily at her hometown, saigonchildren started a training programme. Nhi joined and with other parents. They learned about their children behaviors and how to help their children improve attention and concentration. Nhi felt so happy to know that from now on there is people who live in her hometown and who are trained with appropriate knowledge to help her son. Nhi and Nghia are now looking forward for a brighter future.

I am Nhi: All I want is my son to get proper care.
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